Rue on Carrolton.

From the large freshly squeezed orange juice, to the almond croissants to the double shot iced mocha, the things to buy are all top notch.  What really makes this coffee shop a real joy is location, the closeness to the original and a radio station.

When Big Rue on Magazine shut down due to rent issues and was replaced by a metairie monstrosity of a coffee shop it was tough to swallow.  For years Big Rue was the best space to play chess, read a book, smoke a cigarette (if you smoked) and do what we do best here in NOLA - talk with folks.  Since the closing and subsequent opening of a smaller version across the street, Rue de la Course has opened their  Big Rue replacement - the Rue on Carrolton.

Those of you who have been around town for some time will remember when it was a Kinko's.  Now it is a miniature cathedral to caffeine. The interior is part music hall, part library, part coffee shop in it's feel and design. 

The icing on the cake is the addition of WTUL.  Since the Tulane University station was booted from their studio they have been moving and have now found themselves in the balcony in the Rue on Carrolton.  Listen to 91.5 and you can hear espressos being made and froth being frothed.  it adds a live performance feel to the airwaves and just adds another interesting detail tot eh experience of being there to read, drink, eat and talk.

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