I am fairly certain that this film will be one of the best I have seen in some time.


Picture 9

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TOKYO is going to kick some serious booty. No way this film is not going to be great.

Picture 8

ht Carboni

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Gran Torino is close to perfect film making.

A few notes on my experience last night seeing this film at the Prytania:

Bravo to the person who took over this historic neighborhood theater and renovated it, better yet, thrust it forward.  The details are nice like the rug, the lobby and the lights. The seating is a bit tight for someone my size but I will look beyond that for the new screen and digital projector.  The screen is huge, the picture clarity the best I have ever seen and the sound system was at the exact level for the room. You could tell if they wanted to they could blow some ear drums.

And bravo to Clint Eastwood. 

In Gran Torino, one of my favorite elements is how the film contains humor throughout with the use of bawdy 1950's racial slurs. Throughout almost every scene, by almost every character, as a way to communicate and deal with each other the slurs flow. Clint's character Walt must have used every term in the book to describe people from Asia (and African Americans and the Irish). At first it makes you uneasy but in the end it is so over the top and a part of the character you have to laugh like those do in the film who are on the receiving end.

The pace of the film is something I have respect for. Clint takes his time to tell human stories. He lets the characters talk. He lets them think. He lets them present themselves.

The multiple story lines that form the main narrative are also masterfully presented.  Not one feels forced and together they don't leave us with a jumble of influences the audience needs to track and understand. Simple narratives that create a complex whole. It sounds harder than it is. Kudos to the screen writer.

I recommend you go check it out. If you are like me you will tear up in the end. But see it at the Prytania.

Oh yeah and sit in the last 10 rows as those will be the new best seats in the house from here on out.

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I can't help but hope that this is as great a film as this trailer portrays.

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Giving Terminator the Batman treatment.

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Can't wait. Love me some Charlie Kaufman.


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After seeing this Documentary I no longer blame Nader for Gore's loss in 2000. I recommend watching it.


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Is this movie alluding to the IMF?


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Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Darth? Ouch.


"Instead of making a splash in the summer of Batman, WALL-E and ABBA, 'Clone Wars' is just the latest drop of anemic blood squeezed from the petrifying husk of a once innovative science-fiction franchise."

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BAGHEAD: Coming Soon to Canal Place Cinema




Go see it. Support local talent!



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Side Note:

Mumblecore is an American independent film movement that arose in the early 2000s.[1][2] It is primarily characterized by ultra-low budget production (often employing digital video cameras), focus on personal relationships between twenty-somethings, improvised scripts, and non-professional actors. Filmmakers in this genre include Andrew Bujalski, Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Aaron Katz and Joe Swanberg.[3]

The term "mumblecore" was coined by Eric Masunaga, a sound editor who has worked with Bujalski.[4] The directors of the films are sometimes referred to collectively as "mumblecorps," as in press corps. Film journalists have also used the terms "bedhead cinema" and "Slackavetes," a reference to independent film director John Cassavetes.[5][6]

The IFC Center in New York City exhibited a ten-film series of mumblecore films in 2007, titled "The New Talkies: Generation D.I.Y."[7]

New York-based Benten Films, a boutique DVD label run by film critics, has championed such mumblecore titles as Swanberg's LOL, and Katz's first two films: Dance Party USA and Quiet City.

[edit] Notable Mumblecore Films


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