Hip & Hungover? Refuel.

The title of the post is not representitive of myself, I stayed home last night, but the Tulane kids who were getting their Brunch on looked a bit worn out. On Hampson, Refuel is a new breakfast/brunch spot to check out (same block as O'Henry's).  The prices are nice, the food top notch (killer cuban sandwich), and the space small but modern minimal.

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15 wines under 15


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I heard that Jerry who owns Rue had opened this space and wanted to check it out.  I like the name, I liked the location on the corner of Milan (alwasy like that street for some reason) and Magazine. But the real reason was I heard they had some of the 5 star Red Beans and Rice in town.


Yes they do. Just the right creamy goodness and with a touch of sugar. The portion was solid too. I like to eat thus the 270lb weight I carry around.

Both Susan and I ate an Appetizer and an Entree and the bill came to around 37 ducks. Now that is some good NOLA.

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The Cellar at Culinaria.

On Friday I went with some friends to bid another good friend farewell and good luck on her break from the Smaller Easy.  We went to the corner of Carondolet and Martin Luther King.  No it wasn't a convenient store or the Milk factory but a very good eating joint called The Cellar.

I like places off the beaten path, in different locations and The Cellar is one of these spots.  You enter the basement (first floor) of a impeccably renovated old house on Carondolet.  The first thing I noticed was it was dark, it had low ceilings and room to roam around and mingle with friends.

The owners are young, energetic and seem to love the hell out of what they do.  They check on you, tell the story of the dishes and make sure the glasses are full (and we paid for it in pocket book and headaches). The menu has 3 appetizers and 3 entries and as far as I can tell desert, which is not on the menu, is part of the experience. The menu changes every other day and they like to experiment.  Every dish ordered was tried and nothing was less than terrific. The food was the best I have had since being back in town since October and the wine list is excellent.

I was with 11 friends and we had a very nice time in a back room (more like a square cubby hole corner space) and came out at 90.00 a person. Not cheap but you don't have to drink like we did. I recommend it for a nice meal out with a loved one or someone you hoping to get some loving from.

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