Albums made in a bedroom.

The article in this week's NYTimes Magazine that covered the new solo efforts that sound like full bands inspired me to check out 2 of those covered: St. Vincent and Panda Bear.

St. Vincent reminds me of Feist mixed with Sufjan Stevens

Panda Bear is a bit of a mix of broken social scene and brian wilson (but not as brilliant).

If only Ballzack had been in the article. I guess that is what happens when you don't put an album out over a loooong period of time.

hint. hint. nudge. nudge.

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Spirit If Evil Urges

2 new albums bought for me by friends worth mentioning.

My Morning Jacket "Evil Urges" and Kevin Drew "Spirit If"

Both are quite good.

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The All American Sushi & Seafood Buffet


On St. Charles, off of Jackson, across from Igor's.

A big place that used to be the Chef's Table.  They make whatever sushi you want and have lots of seafood and Chinese dishes.  Charge by the plate.

Get your MSG on!

ht the carbonis

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Wingsuit Jumping Anyone?


ht hotspringer

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The Michelada

Beer and Bloody Mary Mix and Lime? Really? That tastes good?

Ya damn straight it does.


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Some notes from reading the recent issue of Dwell Magazine earlier this morning. has some nice profiles on their site. Check out the Harlem house.

SMEG Fridges are pretty slick.

Richard Prince has an exhibit at the Guggenheim  soon. Love his stuff. Love his "stick it to the critics" and his disruption to the question of "what-is-art?"

One For All Storage System

• An some ideas to toy with for my own house: 1) Open the back room to connect to the 2 sides of the house and then open to the side yard. 2) Add a new building in my side lot where there can be our living area and my apartment becomes my studio.

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