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Not a very long pregnancy but a very fancy boat

For a while I described the experience of taking Humid Beings from an idea I had in the Fall of 2003 to its launch as a prolonged pregnancy. I wanted to give birth to this idea I had. It was just an idea, not very well formed. Build a site where people could discuss New Orleans and publish media about and inspired by the area. I let it germinate for some time and it began to grow but the birth date just kept getting pushed off and pushed off.  People always asking, "Damn, when are you gonna launch that thing? Been a while huh?"

However recently it dawned on me that the comparison to the building and sailing of a yacht actually works best. We spent some time trying to raise money to build the boat. A boat that needed a big crew to take on the open water. When we could not find the capital we changed game plans and built the boat to sail with a smaller crew.  A smarter boat. A more automated boat. We spent a great deal of time carefully changing elements, cutting the fat, lightening the load but keeping as many features as we needed.  The yacht was sea worthy for a few months but we needed to get our crew in place before we set sail. And now all of that prep work has been done and we are ready to leave dry dock.

So what can you expect?

The site we have built is equal parts Facebook, Youtube, Yelp, Huffington Post, City Search and NYTimes. 

Profiles: The site gives you the ability to publish a blog, post status messages, upload photos and add commentary throughout the site. All profiles can sync up to already existent accounts with Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Blogs. Each profile help the community to grow and can take part as citizen journalists.

Places & Groups: These entities can publish the same types of content as individuals. We want to not only have a growing archive of all of the local businesses and organizations mapped but also give them the tools to publish content.

Videos: We will have a growing database of local videos from various sources as well as pieces that we are producing on our end. We will work with local partners to give them a space to publish as well.

News: We publish news summaries daily to spotlight some of the stories that we find interesting. We also pull in from various feeds the headlines and links to news stories from New Orleans area.

Events: By working with local partners and handing the reins over to businesses and organizations, we hope to create the most comprehensive and interactive local calendar of events.

Features: There are many featured, interactive sections we will launch with local partners. Already we have in the works the If I Were Mayor feature we are developing with Engage Nola and Policy Pitch. Following that we will launch the New Orleans Mayors animated time-lines we are developing with the Louisiana Humanities Center. In the winter we will introduce you to Transport Nola, an area we are developing with Transport 4 Nola where we can all rethink transportation options in our city.

What follows the Launch?

HumidBeings.com was designed to serve as a publishing platform and local portal that constantly expands but never becomes difficult to navigate. New publishing tools, sections and elements to interact with are in the works. Soon we will add to all profiles these new publishing tools giving you the ability to create your own maps and lists, pod-casting and time-lines. We will launch content channels with local partners who are in-the-know when it comes to the topics of music, the arts, green living and our beloved pets. We will be adding a juried local on-line marketplace for artists and creatives to run their own stores.

We hope within the year we have a few thousand active Humid Beings and millions of pages in content published by you, our local partners and our team.  In time we hope to collectively create a living archive of the life we live in New Orleans. We hope you take part.

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So you figure the yacht analogy buys you what? Another year or so?

"We go live in January I promise."

Posted by: Z | Sep 28, 2009 9:07:28 PM

OH fuck. I hope this doesn't mean the site is launching soon, we're still trying to organize our news and forums before we take it to hyperlocal speed. If you guys go live we're screwed, the only thing we'll have left will be our crazy right wing nut job posts about race and Obama. Please Mr. Haney don't hurt us.

Posted by: NOLA.COM | Sep 28, 2009 9:31:00 PM

Don't worry, NOLA. You'll lose self-proclaimed creatives, hipsters, some grad students, and most narcissists ages 23-35. You never really could count them in your numbers anyway!

Posted by: Z | Sep 29, 2009 6:52:09 AM

Let's stop all this hate we have a black president this is my favorite website.

Posted by: Shantia | Sep 29, 2009 11:01:14 AM

who's hatin' here,


Posted by: rickngentilly | Oct 2, 2009 9:06:43 PM

ugh i hate u

Posted by: amber hadley | Oct 5, 2009 10:16:26 AM

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