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Debt sucks, but how about a government that actually protects us?

Common sense policies that protect and promote justice and the health of future communities is what I look for, as do many who claim to be Progressives, but not much of what we hope for makes it into law because Congress is in the pocket of business. Real "liberal" policies can't see the light of day because no one has the guts to defend and push them forward without them being taken apart and put together as shells of their original selves.

I have thought about the buy outs and loans to businesses MANY of you hate so much and I don't think either party would have done anything differently. Business will always be protected by Congress. And I have yet to hear or see what the alternative would have been other than some fat cats losing their jobs and having "learned a lesson." You can't just restart an economy, can you?

I agree with Bill Maher there are ways to cut spending and it is in the waste that is in the military budget. Talk about fucking waste. But no one seems to want to talk about it due to fear mongering. "But what is we get attached?" Really? That is just fucking silly. Do hundreds of billions spent on new aircraft that never will be flown stop a bomb from blowing up in a mall? Its just businesses getting contracts through reps in congress who tell critics that they must hate people having jobs. I think it is disgusting and insulting to the intelligence of the American people. But then again lots of folks watch Reality TV so maybe it is just insulting to my intelligence.

Less spending but with investment in our future via infrastructure, education, safety and open dialogs with other nations. That is what I support. That means cutting the fat that big business fights for. It means not allowing for crazy assholes to go to gun shows and pick up semi-automatic riffles that day. It means talking to Iran. It means new highways and new energy projects and actual levee protection. Protection not just here but in all 100+ other areas under sea level in the US. And it means admitting the mistakes of the past and that some times there is a need for social protections like Welfare and not claiming everyone receiving government support is a lazy, freeloading beggar.

Let me say something about that last position. Government is not perfect and neither is society. The person making minimum wage, so little money that they can't afford really any of their own protections or have stability in their life, plays a role in our society that we take for granted. They are part of how American society runs. To not try and support them in some way, give them some assistance because you think they need to "learn a lesson" or not be "given handouts" is to ignore that without them slaving away doing shit work for no pay no one can achieve the American dream of becoming insanely wealthy beyond any reason other than establishing your own personal empire and then telling Congress what it can and can not do.

You can't have protections for society and then bitch when they are misused. It will never be perfect. And to have no government support programs, to be true blue Libertarian means having an ever growing cycle of fear of your own streets, neighbors and future. I would never want that. But that is just me.

Here ends the 1st Rant in some time.

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Wow. Great link. Great post.

Posted by: BeverlyRevelry | Jun 21, 2009 6:18:22 PM

I think that the culprit of our economic problems lies directly in the tangled, complicated mass that is the federal reserve system. It is a serious problem to artificially drop interest rates. This leads to a saving rate of nearly 0%. The point of high interest rates is to allow citizens to save which allows banks to increase capital which allows businesses to take loans and create future spending and future projects. This in turn satiates the interest of consumers who have a decent savings rate and then they take some of their money and invest (buy) things from the same companies that invested in future projects. These companies take the money and pay back the loans. This entire simple system is upset when interest rates need to be high to force savings, but they are low and people spend. If people saved even 10%, then the country would not be in this dire situation.

I agree that we need to streamline military, but why stop there. Every governmental agency is like a leaky faucet. I am also a true fan of getting rid of the IRS and using a flat tax system.

But what I really think we need is for the USA to win the World Cup in 2010.

Posted by: Jarred Bradley | Jun 21, 2009 6:23:00 PM

"Here ends the 1st Rant in some time"

And an incoherent rant it was!! But it was nice to see one. As far as your defense for the minimum wage earners, all I can say is that their enemies are close.. namely those who earn nothing. If there were no "lazy freeloading beggars" the ones making minimum wage would have far less problems. I don't think you have any idea at all how many people in this city choose not to work, and back that choice by citing principles you would probably defend.

Your first rant in a while; my first drunk reply in a while.

Enjoy whatever it is you're doing.. the social commentary from whatever standpoint you find fashionable to do so from.

Forgive me if I didn't address everything you brought up.. namely gun control, bailouts, welfare, military spending, levees, energy projects, gov't contracts.. etc. Is ANYONE else who reads this an INTP? If you are are you intellectually frustrated by the logical haphazardness of it all? We don't even need to talk about the issues, but does the presentation bug anyone else?

Posted by: Chaz | Jun 22, 2009 1:16:11 AM

We need to talk, so that you can put into perspective how many of our fellow citizens not only don't work at all, but celebrate that fact. I can honestly say that on an average work day I meet between seven and thirty people a day who do not work and don't plan to. And I don't get that many repeats.

Posted by: Chaz | Jun 22, 2009 1:19:27 AM

I do wish there was some way to do Welfare and help people who need help and not help those who are free loading.

Any ideas?

Posted by: humidhaney | Jun 22, 2009 11:46:50 AM

Yeah, sure. We'll talk. I've been away from the computer for a while. It'd be better if we talk in person so that this thread doesn't turn into a NOLA.com thing.

Posted by: Chaz | Jul 1, 2009 11:00:28 PM

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