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The BROOKLYNOLA Press Release. Feel free to spread it around.

Download Brooklynola Production Release Document

For Immediate Release

Contact Person: 
Michael Lamendola

Company Name: 
Humid Beings

Email Address: michael@humidbeings.com

Web site address: humidbeings.com

329 Julia Street
New Orleans, LA.



The creators of Dirty Coast Press (dirtycoast.com) are proud to announce the beta launch for our latest project, HumidBeings.com.

By working with local partners we will publish content important to those living here, those displaced and those looking on from afar. We will attempt to have the most comprehensive events calendar. We will become an online archive for all types of media that pertain to the city. And most importantly we will give you the ability to publish online as well -- your audio, videos, images, ideas and commentary. Essentially, those who understand New Orleans best will determine what is published.

HumidBeings.com is a publishing platform and portal that will unite those who understand New Orleans via the web. By publishing weekly original content created by local talent and republishing the best of the local media, news, and events, we are creating a true portal for all things NOLA. Our site will allow those who understand the city to create profiles and publish their opinions, ideas, images and media. Humid Beings will make it possible for you to define why New Orleans matters.  Local news and Blogs are currently up and running on HumidBeings.com site will evolve overtime and respond to the needs of its community. We already have new features in the works:

* A Juried Online Marketplace For Local Creatives
* Mapping tools for the places, events, ideas and problems.
* Widgets to share our content within your community.
Additional publishing tools for profiles
Content Partner Channels

New Orleanians and New Yorkers are bonded by their love of each others’ music, art and culture. As you know, there are many citizens of both communities who split their time between cities.  HumidBeings.com was created for all those who call New Orleans home and are drawn to her culture, lifestyle and way of life. BROOKLYNOLA is an opportunity to celebrate New Orleans with ex-pats, the displaced and the NOLA curious in New York.

Humid Beings and Dirty Coast in partnership with All Day Buffet are throwing a launch party in honor of this connection in New York Friday, May 8 at Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street Brooklyn, NY.

NOLA and NY based entertainment line-up includes:
DJ Soul Sister, The Generationals, North American Wildlife, Simon Lott, Mike Gamble, Marc Friedman are confirmed at this time.

We're bringing up Kristen Preau of ADGAS NOLA and Cook Me Something Mister to cook up some jambalaya and assist in serving up some real southern hospitality.

There will be a corresponding event in New Orleans the following night, Saturday 5/9 at The Saint.  We have booked two very popular New York DJ's to come down and play this event, The Captain and Japanster.  As we try and create a NOLA night in NYC, we also aim to create a NY night in NOLA.

We are currently seeking sponsorship for these events.  For $250, the sponsor will receive their name on all promotional material and the option to set up a table at the event. (Sponsors responsible for their own travel, accommodations and expenses.)

Sponsors already on board are:
HumidBeings.com, Dirtycoast.com, Witry Realty, Defend New Orleans, The Saint, Static TV, Preservation Hall, Flavor Paper, cookmesomethingmister.com, ADGAS New Orleans and Park the Van Records.

The events will be documented by the Humid Beings video team and placed on our website and will be available to all sponsors for posting on their sites as well.

We will be planning other similar events across America.  Our aim is to offer other cities a real taste of our culture in their own back yard using our own talented musicians and artists in combination with musicians and artist in the various cities where we host these events.  Then hopefully, we’ll bring back talent from those cities to share their culture with us in New Orleans.

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I went to the beta site and tried to sign up and i kept getting a 404 error - is that function not yet active?

Posted by: d'Auria | Mar 29, 2009 2:25:34 PM

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