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Take the Levees.org challenge.

In response to stubborn myths in the media about New Orleans and its residents, the grassroots group Levees.org is creating a citizens action team to respond massively and promptly whenever myths appear.

"During and after the flood, a lot of unkind and dishonest things were said about New Orleanians," says Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of Levees.org.  "We were called 'stupid' for living here, and we were blamed for what happened."

The Counter Action Team or CAT Team will be a specially trained unit to set the record straight. 

To become a member of this team, one must first pass the "Levee Challenge," a set of questions to determine one's knowledge on the facts of the flooding on August 29, 2005.

To take the challenge, go to www.levees.org/challenge.

Other news from Levees.org:
The Corps Reform Network (CRN) has just announced their endorsement of the 8/29 Investigation Act, a truly independent analysis of the flood protection failures in metro New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Based in Washington DC, this coalition of 166 organizations from around the country, supports member groups advocating to ensure that Army Corps of Engineers projects are economically and environmentally sound. Also, last month, as reported by WWLTV Channel 4, Levees.org discovered that employees at the US Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District were hiding their identities and using government internet connections to present falsehoods as facts on local blogs and news stories with the intent to blame locals for the New Orleans flooding during Hurricane Katrina.

Levees.org has redesigned its Press Center page of their website.  This continually updated specialized page includes photos, broadcast videos, links and=2 0resources is designed to assist media and press professionals.  Click here http://www.levees.org/press.php

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