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Another reason I am sick of Ray Nagin.

At the opening of the Mahalia Jackson Theater Nagin said this:

"This is the start of what I am predicting to be the year of unprecedented construction in our city."

Almost makes you feel good about progress the city can make right? Getting the theater reopened when they said they would. Right?

Ha. Of course it is more complicated.

Being drastically behind schedule and incapable to reach the deadline for the opening due the City's buffoonery they panicked and had to spend city funds on a 3rd party contractor to finish the project in 11.5 weeks. They finished the day of the ribbon cutting.

So the City failed. The project had to be saved by someone more competent and the Mayor uses the opportunity to speak ONCE AGAIN that THIS will be the year we turn this thing around.

Can we please get rid of this guy soon?

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I'll pony up some $$$ for a one-way trip to Dallas for our numb nuts Nagin.

Posted by: GentillyGirl | Jan 12, 2009 11:03:24 AM

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