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I picked a good time to consolidate my companies and launch a new web venture. Diversify for when the shit hits the fan. 2009 is gonna be interesting for sure.


The big theme for 2009 economically will be contraction. The end of the cheap energy era will announce itself as the end of conventional "growth" and the shrinking back of activity, wealth, and populations. Contraction will come as a great shock to a world of conventionally programmed economists. They will toil and sweat to account for it, and they will probably be wrong. Unfortunately, this contraction will do its work in unpleasant ways, driving down standards of living, shearing away hopes and expectations for a particular life of comfort, and introducing disorder to so many of the systems we have depended on for so long. People will starve, lose their homes, lose incomes and status, and lose the security of living in peaceful societies. It will become clear that the Long Emergency is underway.

My hope for the year, at least for my own society, is that we will transition away from being a nation of complacent, distracted, over-fed clowns, to become a purposeful and responsible people willing to put their shoulders to the wheel to get some things done. My motto for the new year: "no more crybabies!"

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You know, I've been living without "credit" for years now--at least since 2001. We've learned to live within our own means, and there have been difficult times when we couldn't pay for certain things like car repairs or "special" things (nights out, trips to New Orleans post-K, etc.). It has not been "easy," but we've adjusted to the coming economy. I hate saying it, but it is a perfect time to be in New Orleans. People can survive with an abundance of culture at a reasonable price, and when it comes to "vacations," there is no better place to visit than our own city.

If we look back to the early 80's (and I actually lived through that time), this is going to be a great period for entrepreneurs as well. Risky, no doubt, but there will be a new opportunity for those who can to venture out develop new and unique services that meet the new needs and demands of those living in a shrinking economy. The net, and things associated with it, should do very well in this new economic transition.

Here's to all of us who will participate in looking forward, not backward, with the new economy. Let us go forward with high but reasonable hopes, willing to take risks, but also protecting the lifestyle and culture that makes New Orleans the unique and creative city it is.

Here's to you. Here's to us.


Posted by: Banzai Bill | Dec 30, 2008 10:05:19 PM

You could take all of your businesses and merge them into one and call it:

"Venues Where You Can Expose Yourself to or Purchase Things to Give You an Idea About What I Think You Should Enjoy About Things Pertaining Mostly to This City That I Seem To Enjoy as Well."

Think about it, it's an awkward name NOW, but you could change it. In fact the "whence" department could make that into one word. That's their JOB.

Anyway if you need a hand let me know. It could be a lot more difficult, trust me. I own and manage an iron smelter, an orphanage, a telecommunications company and a shrimp boat. If I'd try to consolidate all of those I'd get laughed out of town. That mixture asks to be four separate and distinct units. The dirtycoast/whence/canary..?... not so much. Take them all up to the top of the pyramid, do some WORTHWHILE thinking, and come back down with something good.

Posted by: Chaz | Dec 31, 2008 12:55:28 PM

Kunstler's great, isn't he?

Posted by: jeff | Jan 2, 2009 6:12:37 PM

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