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I had heard some of these stories right after the storm. The old guard of this city needs to die off. They do nothing for this area.

December 19, 2008 in Nola Stuff | Permalink


This is despicable, but I wouldn't call the shooters in this video the "old guard."

The old guard doesn't live in Algiers Pernt. They live closer to you and me; they wear nicer clothes; and they paid other people to shoot or instill fear in other people in the days after Katrina.

The old guard are even worse for the city than the people depicted here, because the real old guard has power and injects their poison much more quietly. And they do it with a smile.

Posted by: Mr. Clio | Dec 20, 2008 11:08:57 AM

Understand that, here in the Point, the folks at the 6:00 mark of the clip are regarded as the drunk village idiots. They are accurately depicted in the video, particularly Wayne Janek, who is reviled my most folks. The clip is not an accurate depiction however of the attitude of many people living in the neighborhood and to say it has a "handful of blacks" is not true. Unless you get semantic about what a "handful" is and let's be honest, the word is only used when real numbers aren't easily available and folks don't feel like doing the extra effort to find the real stats. I do know I have what amounts to a handful on my block and we all get along just fine.

Posted by: Varg | Dec 21, 2008 6:30:51 PM

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