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Another reason for a railway system along the Gulf and Deep South.

When the oil runs out, and our driving culture radically changes, how will we evacuate? By "we" I mean New Orleans and the coasts of Texas, LA and Mississippi.

If we had a railway system paid for by Obama's Infrastructure program we could all have at least a chance to get people out of harms way days in advance.

One day a car will be a luxury.

December 30, 2008 in Kool Aid | Permalink


While enduring a drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, I was overcome by the thought of what if we had taken the oil revenue from the 70s and built a light rail network across Louisiana.

New Orleans would be an econonic center. The Gulf Coust would have boomed. Houston would still be a backwater.

Posted by: Jeff | Jan 9, 2009 6:42:24 PM

Now is the time.

We might as well begin designing it ourselves.

Posted by: The Hub | Jan 10, 2009 2:05:34 PM

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