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Is this movie alluding to the IMF?


September 12, 2008 in Movies | Permalink


I like your new blog approach. Y'all going to RCBL today? I was thinking of stopping in before dinner @ 6:30.

Posted by: Chaz | Sep 12, 2008 4:16:40 PM


Consider this a blog post of mine on your blog. Please feel free to erase this and blog it in its own post; it's positive towards you and I think you deserve the recognition.

Considering what your friend had to say about your views, I think I need to give you and yours a word of encouragement. I almost..ALMOST got into a political argument tonight after a few cocktails. Once I saw the level I was at, I just shut myself up and watched. Despite what people said about you (sickening) I have to give credit where credit is due. Although your posts are more haphazard than my INTP self thinks they should be, you are more open in your thinking than these folks are by several orders of magnitude. I watched cliche after cliche slung this way and that, with no attention paid to which way they were headed. It made me truly appreciate what I now realize as the intelligent discourse that has taken place on the rant. I hope this allows me to put discussions had here in the proper perspective. Although I disagree with most of your readers and you politically, to your credit I have never found myself at ideological odds with a truly closed mind.

Tonight's debacle showed that to me. I don't watch cable news for reasons I don't have time to go into. I DO read opinions, because I like to hear someone's argument laid out neatly in the manner in which the writer intends without it being interrupted for the sake of a commercial or a talking point squeezed in before said commercial. Witnessing the flagrant disregard for verifiable facts (and the embarrassing personality exposure which inevitably follows) I witnessed tonight, I realized that many of my ideological opponents here on the rant are breathing much rarer air than I supposed before. Cyndi G, humidhaney, David et alia: keep up the good work. It's great to chat and explore opinions with you. I want you to know that although we may disagree politically I do not take your intellectual dedication for granted.

Posted by: Chaz | Sep 12, 2008 10:54:09 PM

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