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Please help fix the Bi-Polar Frat House.

I have lived near the cross section of Melpomene and Magazine for 3 years now and I have to admit it feels great to see the street open again. But I hope something else can happen as well.

On the corner of Thalia and Magazine street sits the Abstract Book Shop. It is not longer a book shop or a punk music club but a "half-way house" of sorts.

I am not sure what happens in the building but I do know, and so do my neighbors, what happens outside. Screaming fights, guys walking the neighborhood speaking on imaginary cell phones and yelling at the sky,  guys hanging out in front and ing little of anything other than wait for something to happen.

I am not sure why this place exists when the Bridge House is 2 blocks away and I am not sure what this place does for these people. But something needs to be done to either their operation in terms of improvement or moving to a new facility that is not a run down shack. I know there is a huge need for facilities for those who are unstable or need help recovering from addiction or trauma but I wish the Abstract was simply a better facility.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

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Practice what you preach, choir boy.

Posted by: | Aug 17, 2007 5:01:40 PM

Hey, anonymous schmuck. Get some balls/ovaries and put a name to your comment. Coward.

As for what to do about such a dysfunctional place, have you called Bridge House? If you know of any other sources for mental health treatment (which are unfortunately dwindling, I know), you might wanna contact them. Or, you might want to ask this individual his opinion:


I don't know how anyone can call this a strictly NIMBY post once you have heard about the disturbed fella who killed an innocent woman at a Mid-City neighborhood bar. This whole city has a problem - one among many, sure, but still, a serious problem. Are we to allow others who so clearly need help in some way to ruin or snuff out lives for a misguided principle?

I'm just sayin'...

Posted by: liprap | Aug 18, 2007 4:59:20 PM

Unfortunately, the judge that helped fund/run the abstract book shop died, and it hasn't been the same. They did good work.

Posted by: ashley | Aug 19, 2007 9:57:51 PM

Before the storm there was a "halfway" house in my Neighborhood. It was a pretty benign group that would be forced out of the house at 7 and not let back in till 5. So they would have to wander.

I have seen the crowd at the Abstract and they are a much more aggressive and disturbed crew.

There must be a state licensing board.

Posted by: Karen | Aug 19, 2007 9:58:28 PM

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