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Hey, thanks Gary!

Well we did it again, security cameras be damned! We are number one murder capital super stars. The top of the heap. More dead per capita than Gary, Indiana! Even Detroit!

Keep it up folks. Maybe we can achieve world status.

Anyone want to go for a late night walk to see if a Central City bakery has finished baking fresh bread?

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I'm writing from Open Source, a public radio show based in Boston and
distributed around the country.

Two years ago, we started what's become a yearly tradition for us called Blogsday, http://www.radioopensource.org/blogsday-2007/ . Based loosely on Bloomsday, which celebrates "Ulysses" as an evocation of the world in a single day (in Joyce's case, June 16, 1904), the idea is to create a mosaic portrait of the blogosphere by reading excerpts of blog posts written all over the world on the same day, for one night, for one hour, on live radio. This year, we chose this past Tuesday, June 5, to collect posts from, and the show will air Thursday night from 7-8pm EST.

I'm writing because we loved your post on the 5th, and it's on the shortlist to be included among our Blogsday Best of the June 5th Blogosphere collection. Congratulations!

On Thursday night, we'll bring in two accomplished and agile actors to read excerpts from our collection of posts on the air. I can't guarantee that your post will make it onto the show at this point (we're still knee-deep in our favorite posts), but you're a finalist.

We can't pay anything -- this is public radio after all -- but we can guarantee a respectful treatment, a national radio audience, and a link on our blog.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'll try to send another email if I can confirm that your post will definitely be on the show beforehand, but if things get too crazy I may just let you know after the fact.

Many thanks,

Posted by: Greta | Jun 12, 2007 3:48:33 PM

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