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Snitchin' is Bitchin'


See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil,
And you have a lot more evil.

We as citizens need to speak up when we hear about, see or experience crime.  If we don’t, we all lose.

While snitchin’ ain’t easy, we think snitchin’ is bitchin’ for New Orleans. Get ahead, get your rat on!

May 16, 2007 in Dirty Coast | Permalink


My wheels!!!! I had to drop the dime.... I'm not scared (well maybe a little.)


Posted by: David | May 16, 2007 8:51:05 PM

Maybe I dunno thou I just don't know if people will get it it could mean bitchin as in good like that concert was bitchin or my girlfriend won't stop bitchin which one or is it is it both cool looking shirt thou I like the colors but I fell like you schould make t-shirts about new orleans that are timeless and part of the culture musicians, gators with crowns, storm drains,food ect. I think if I were walking down the street and rerad this shirt I would not get it not everyone thinks like you do just a thought

Posted by: ryan h | May 17, 2007 1:00:40 PM

Punctuate much?

Posted by: David | May 17, 2007 2:36:24 PM


Posted by: | May 19, 2007 5:27:34 PM

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