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I didn't have a TV and I read books.

Susan and I spent Sunday re-arranging the apartment.  Moving this piece of furniture here, hanging art, cleaning.  In the process my very fancy 42 inch plasma TV was moved to the back room where there is no cable. And folks, I gotta tell ya, it feels so good.

For 11 years I did not have a TV. No cable, no news. Just books and writing in my notebooks at coffee shops. I had more parties, more folks for dinner, more face to face time with friends and more time to think. But then I got a really fancy, big ass television with cable. And it took over.

I am ready to go back to that wonderful state of being: the thinking, pondering person not addicted to the chewing gum for the mind that is Network TV.

Am I getting rid of the TV?  No.  I will still watch DVDs, play some video games and occasionally watch my DVD set of Northern Exposure.

But this summer should prove to be much more enlightening than the last few months.

(Thank goodness Lost stops for a few months.)

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I got rid of my cable as well- I get tempted once in a while, but overall- It is SUCH a good decision.

Posted by: Benjamin | May 21, 2007 10:37:13 AM

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