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She will probably sleep with him to shut him up.

So I have been working on some side projects tonight while having a few drinks at the Bridge. Gotta love bars with WiFi. For the past hour I have sat next to a young couple. For the past 30 minutes the guy in this duo has explained his various workouts to his date. He has explained in detail the "300 Workout" and how he was trying to do it. It is based according to him on the movie and is what the actors used to get into shape. After a few minutes of talking about how ripped it could get you he then shared a story from the weekend. He hit Fats Harry's, he hit TJ Quills, he hit "little" Brunos. And at some point hazed some kid by taping him to a chair and pouring Beam down his throat.

Just thought I would share that tid bit. It connects well with my Evolution post from earlier today.

Should we feel better that we are not these people or sad for our community that they wander among us?

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sounds like a job for SupaSaint. He should come in and put the smack down on fools like that. Then make out with the guy's date.

Posted by: nolafilm | Apr 2, 2007 11:15:29 PM

I like that idea. SupaSaint him.

Posted by: ashley Morris | Apr 3, 2007 8:28:55 AM

One time I fed a snake some beer. It was slithering this way and that. It was all focked up.

Posted by: andy | Apr 3, 2007 11:13:07 PM

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