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A Message from Chad: Supa Saint Scouting Squad Director

Everyone be sure to tune in Friday morning at 7:30 am to 99.5fm.  Supa Saint will bring his game-day intensity and street knowledge to the people of Louisiana the only way he knows how....after a 32oz 190 octane, hand-poured by Tammy at Daquirie Bay Cafe.

Supa will also be appearing at Tipitina's on Saturday night for the Dirty Coast fashion show with music by Brian Coogan.  Dirty Coast has offered to donate .02% of the proceeds to help medicate Supa as he recovers from major reconstructive knee surgeries.  To show his appreciation, Supa has a little something special planned.

You are now a member of the Supa Saint Army. Don't let him down!
Chad  (Supa Saint Scouting Squad Director)

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Hey Chad, how did you get the job of squad director considering you're such a pussy? Watch your back kid, I'm gonna take you job!

Posted by: Ronnie | Apr 13, 2007 9:51:23 AM

Say brah, you talk all tough on the computer but you know who the real pussy is.

You won't be talking that shit to Chad on Saturday night.

Posted by: Terry from T-Town | Apr 13, 2007 10:28:24 AM

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