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That is it. Chris Rose is no longer on my list of New Orleanians I respect. Being a wimp is sinful.

Link to Chris Rose's sad attempt to distance himself from royalty.

What the hell happened to him? Don't have a sense of humor? Move to Houston. Nothing funny about that place.

To calm myself down I will now tell myself 126 different verisons of jokes about Catholic Priests walking into Bars with Choir Boys.

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Was I reading the same article as you. I thought Chris put all his antagonist in their place.

Posted by: Ben | Feb 7, 2007 3:23:19 PM

Rose's columns are 10% good journalism and 90% dribble.

Posted by: John Scott | Feb 7, 2007 3:50:54 PM

while he had some good points in there, three things were extremely anoying

1. he implied that the floats and costumes highlighted by the fundamentalists were the work of "a few maskers" and that the KDV shouldn't be judged by the actions of a few. That's crap. The whole Krewe is deranged and I'd imaginge almost to a person very proud of the items in question.

2. he definintely went out of us way to distance himself from the Krewe, which is fiine, cause he isn't really. Just struck me as a weenie move.

3. he made the conclusion that the KDV would be sorry if it ofended anybody...right!

that's it, otherwise it was 90% dribble

Posted by: JP Coltrane | Feb 7, 2007 4:39:17 PM

" The whole Krewe is deranged and I'd imaginge almost to a person very proud of the items in question."

Uh, no.

My subkrewe is proud of the fact that we are satiristic, and have never had genitalia or blasphemous slogans on the float. Other than my own genitalia, that is.

We are, however, the only subkrewe to have been sued for libel. Twice.

Posted by: ashley Morris | Feb 7, 2007 7:35:09 PM

Ashley-My apologies. I didn't mean to imply that every sub-krewe uses genitalia or blasphemy to express satire. My point was that the vast majority of the Krewe members have no problem with it being used. As well, I didn't mean "deranged" as an insult.

Each sub-krewe takes it's own pathway of self-expression, to be sure, but you can't tell me that yours has never done anything considered offensive (as evidenced by the law suits)...and that's my point.

Posted by: JP Coltrane | Feb 8, 2007 8:39:35 AM

JP, I took no offense at being called deranged, as I most certainly am. And you certainly hit the nail on the head in that we have no problem offending *somebody*.

But as far as the genitalia goes, well, it does get a bit tiresome for me. A friend's crew has a 7' papier mache penis that they feel obligated to fit into their theme every single year. Howie Luzvus kind of stated my feelings when he said that the chick representing NOLA getting violated by the state capital was biting satire, but the guys with 4' penii squirting a liquid were just juvenile.

At some point, somebody is going to sue KdV for obscenity, and we're all up shit creek.

Posted by: ashley Morris | Feb 8, 2007 9:46:33 AM

I only bared my breasts to adults.

Posted by: humidhaney | Feb 8, 2007 10:20:34 AM

Turns out that you must be a "friend of a friend", for I am in the sub-Krewe of which you refer (that is if you're referring to the Drips and Discharges' "George"). For the record, this was the second time in the past four years that we Drips had him on the float, so he's more like an every-other-year thing.

I must have missed the guys with the 4' penii, but I did partake in the liquid refreshment dispensed from the cone-breasts of the TOKINs. Brilliant engineering!

Posted by: JP Coltrane | Feb 8, 2007 12:19:31 PM

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