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Depressing NOLA Rumor #5: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn . . . could be on the way down & out.

Link to Zombie.

Does this mean we need to start a grass roots local "take your wife to dinner and a hotel" date night city wide to keep hotels afloat?

Or how about this . . . Every local makes it their job to angle for friends to not sleep on couches but in hotel rooms?

Or . . . stop giving money to folks like Ernest Collins who will simply piss it away on ventures that have no proven track record (tv shows with rappers talking about mardi gras) and will lead to little improvement in tourism numbers?

Just some ideas.

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all these rumors make me feel like shit. And I felt like celebrating this weekend...

Posted by: Varg | Dec 29, 2006 3:27:25 PM

If it makes any difference, Hyatt is anticipating reservations next year...


So they say.

Posted by: Varg | Dec 29, 2006 3:37:11 PM

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