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Depressing NOLA Rumor #4: Dr. John is not doing well

It seems that Dr. John is not in the best of health and is refusing to see a doctor. He is riding out his ailments.  He is playing tonight and tomorrow so if you have never seen him play, go now. Not trying to be grim but when sick people don't go see doctors or fix foot injuries it sometimes turns out bad for them. I hope it is not true. I love me some Dr. John. A real gift to the city.

How does Dr. John make you feel?

December 28, 2006 in Nola Stuff | Permalink


Swampy, funky, bluesy, bayouey, jazzeee, pianoey, Fessy, down-in-the-bottomy. He's tough, so maybe he can get through it. Praise the Dr. May the good voodoo bless him.

Posted by: Marco | Dec 28, 2006 6:59:34 PM

yes indeed to all you have said.

the real big dirty voodoo daddy.

Posted by: humidhaney | Dec 28, 2006 8:04:52 PM

Nobody--nobody--NOBODY--sounds better at Jazzfest than Dr. John.

Posted by: Mr. Clio | Dec 29, 2006 9:02:16 AM

Glad to say I've seen him twice.. that is hugely depressing to hear.

Posted by: Benjamin Hirsch | Dec 29, 2006 12:20:20 PM

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