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I like pretty much everything here, just bought a shirt from you. Not trying to be argumentative, but... having said that....
Help! Can you explain to me what happens at the end of this process? I thought the LRA money went to individuals? Affected property owners... is that not the case? Are we planning to spend what is left over? Where is the money coming from to build anything discussed at these meetings?
If there is a public component to this, where is the legal authority for that? Did the legislature cede authority to group sessions? when? Did the Council do the same?
Where does the rubber hit the road?

Posted by: Mr. Melpomeme | Jul 31, 2006 8:13:02 PM

Good to know you are not the person who no longer likes me.

Honestly, I am still learning the details everyday about the process. It is crazy complicated. In terms of legal issues, money from the LRA. These are all questions that need to be posed through the UNOP site and then answered in the FAQ section which will grow over time.

The Mayor, City Council, and the LRA all signed off on the process so it has their support.

The rubber hits the road once the planning teams are in place and citizens are invited to work with them and plan their areas of the city. Then these plans are combined into a master plan which then goes to the LRA.

Beyond that I am still learning all the angles. But it will all make it on the site I assure you. I will make sure of it.

Posted by: humidhaney | Jul 31, 2006 9:17:26 PM

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