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Phluffy Lagasse uses a katrina stress pass.


To give you a little history, Emeril has been widely criticized for failing to show up here as of yet to publicly support New Orleans’ rebuilding efforts, the city that formed his fame and is home to three of his restaurants, choosing rather to continue uninterrupted on his book tour to cities right up the street from us, like Austin, Texas. Offended at being questioned about taking a pass on us, he retorted, "Did they want me to wear boots and pull boats around?”

     Oh, God forbid!  Never that!  Anyway, it’s no sweat…Sean Penn covered for you.

Ever the model of taste and class, he softened his remarks by saying "I'm very involved with the city, the state, the community. We will do whatever it takes to bring it back."

He recently revealed his vision to help bring the city back when he told gossip columnist Cindy Adams last week, “I've reopened Emeril's, but only a few locals come. There's no tourists. No visitors. No spenders. No money. No future. No people. It's lost. It'll never come back."

     Alright - That’s it!  The gloves are officially off!


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Maybe Chris Rose nailed it perfectly...

Posted by: ashley | Feb 9, 2006 4:20:37 PM

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