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Rethinking New Orleans Salon

Friday's Rethinking New Orleans Salon //

For those of you who could not make this friday's Salon you missed a great get together.  The main issue at hand, out of all the conversations I was listening in on, was the focus on working on one neighborhood and using that as an example of a truly inclusive and innovative planning process with citizens, architects, housing experts and planners. Central City will be the example we hope to set for the rest of the city.  Concordia will assist the ASHE center to put a project together titled "Bridging the Gap."  More on this soon, but visit this link below to learn about Concordia's plans so far with Central City.


This Friday and every Friday the Rethinking New Orleans Salon will be held in the side red room at the Bridge Lounge at 1201 Magazine Street @ 6pm sharp.

If someone asks what this salon is just tell them:
"Rethinking New Orleans is a loose and open salon where socially conscious and engaged citizens of New Orleans get together weekly to discuss the progression and problems found in the city's rebuilding effort.  Each week at least one participant presents important news or information to start the dialogue."

One Sheet, Street Team and Correspondants  //

NBNO will be sending out and posting on it's new website a PDF with the weekly events around the city that citizens can participate in by attending.  We will then ask for notes from these meetings to be posted to the humidbeings.com forum so it can be shared with all interested parties.

We need help with a "street team" and "correspondents." The street team is to post fliers about the various meetings around town and virally submit them through the web.  Correspondants are to go to weekly meetings and visit various sites and help report online the meeting notes and other resources available (Claudia is a perfect example of this). At the Friday Salons correspondents should share with everyone what they have learned.

This Friday's Salon //

I hope to have folks sign share with me the list of weekly events open to the public so we can design and print up the One Sheet for the street team to distribute.  Also, more information on the Central City event at Ashe as well as ideas on networking with other groups in a Bottom-Up Coalition to share info and help get the citizenry engaged.

More soon on the new site for NBNO and the Humid Beings project. Remember, get involved, know what is happening and share it with others. 

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