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A RAISED CONSCIOUSNESS > The New September 11th. The awareness nationally. The Bastards. No one cares for the poor people. Bring our troops back to rebuild. NOLA 2.0.

Our earlier tragedy struck this country economically and emotionally. The loss of 3000 plus lives and the destruction of an important symbol and economic center for America.  Now think of that and then think of the loss of New Orleans.  It far exceeds Sept. 11th in every way.  The repercussions will be felt for decades. Go figure the Federal government was not prepared, 4 years after September 11th, for another national disaster.

No matter who you are you will be effected by Katrina.  Economically // The loss of the port. A large portion of all the Oil in the states flows through Louisiana.  70% of the nations Seafood.  Most coffee imports.  Watch the prices rise and the national consciousness rise. Emotionally // The loss of life and the displacement of millions of people will, should, and must be felt by all Americans and those around the world.  Watch 5 minutes of CNN. See people at the Convention Center plead for their lives as loved ones die around them because of no help from anyone.

I was waiting for some politician or O'Reilly type person to say something insensitive.  And only 4 days along and it happens.  Speaker of the House Hasert has said that New Orleans should get no funding to rebuild but me bull dozed over.  He blames the people that lived there for being there in harms way.  O'Reilly can't stop speaking about looting. But what can you expect from him, he is a bigot. Religious groups, allow me to repeat that, RELIGIOUS GROUPS are blaming the hurricane on Gays and the Evils of the city of New Orleans. Jesus is going to make them sit in the corner for eternity when they are gone. Ignorant Evil Bastards.

You wonder why the city of New Orleans was not taken care of in terms of Engineering fortification?  Why was it not funded? Why was it ignored?

The answer to these questions can be found all over the United States. Find a poor area.  Find an area inhabited by non-whites.  Now look at the Federal Governments support for these areas economically.  There is your answer.  The Institutional Racism will be noticed this time if I and others have anything to say about it.  We need to be vocal and draw attention to the disparity.

Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama is fighting this so called war in Iraq.  It is our people over there in the largest numbers fighting in Iraq.  Loved ones who should be here and rebuilding these cities and saving lives. We need them all back.  They want to come back.  Maybe this is a way to get them out of a waste of resources, money and man power and really get things taken care of.  FEMA sure as hell isn't doing any good.

After the water has been pumped out, electricity turned back on, levees built higher, wetlands fortified, and this region finally funded there will be a Boom in New Orleans.  For the next few years New Orleans will be on a major upsurge.  Yes many will leave and not come back but the die hards will return and we will bring New Orleans back and with the funding out city has always needed to protect it and help is thrive.  Our schools will finally be addresses. Our engineering will finally be taken seriously.  I know this will happen and I will be a part of it.

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Yes indeed! I'll be there too.

Posted by: oyster | Sep 3, 2005 9:11:06 AM

Ok, I see what you mean. But don't say that it exceeds Sept. 11th. It isn't a contest.

Posted by: Gina | Sep 15, 2005 10:19:58 AM

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