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Transparent Lies

It is just too easy to see how manipulative this administration is. Do they not realize that everything they say and do is watched and recorded (unless behind closed doors or out on Bush’s Farm).


Can folks give me some other examples please?

What are y'alls thoughts on this?

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We got punked.

We are in trouble, though. We cannot change the system of politics.

How can you run for office, say a job that pays $80,000/yr, and spend say 2 million dollars to win?

Crooks and cronies run rampant because that is the system we have created.

Posted by: dillyberto | Nov 17, 2005 10:57:59 AM

We're sorry! Due to lack of actionable support, we now have to close down the website moveon.org.
We're sorry for letting you hippies down, but it's no longer cost effective to stay up and running.
We'd like to say that we're surprised that it actually costed money (yes, real money) to perpetuate our radical ideas through what we thought was a completely "cyber" entity which physicists assured us did not take up space or consist of matter. Go figure. I guess you can't get nothing for nothing.
I hope mentioning our name and discussing some of our conspiracy theories got you some play with that cute hippy at that party the other night. C-ya!
-moveon, baby!!

Posted by: headguy@moveon.org.com | Nov 12, 2007 7:51:55 PM

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