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BLAKE SPAM -- 3/12/04

So with me being so anti-Bush for the many reasons that I am I thought I should find out why some people do like Bush. My belief if that these people are either programmed or have lots of money. But I thought I would investigate first. So I went to his site and downloaded some responses from Bush supporters. They are below. But I pulled a few nice reasons here. Each of these individuals must watch at least 5 hours of TV a day:

„His pro-business stances will encourage entreprenuership‰
-- (read in the corporations pocket)

„confidence to stand alone‰
-- (read unilateral moves and no international support. Kind of like Vietnam.)

„because of his work to lower taxes for ordinary Americans‰
-- (what? Ordinary Americans are in the top 10%?)

„strategic healthcare and Medicare planning‰
-- (yes it was VERY strategic)

„values, integrity and character, and love and compassion for those who are hungry for food, freedom, and truth‰
-- (he is loving. He reads the Bible.)

I signed up for the Bush eletter at his site and think it is great that 1 of the choices you can make in what you are interested in hearing about is Compassion.

Also, I was fortunate enough to be sent an email by mistake (or intentionally) from someone who disagrees with me on Bush‚s Propaganda photo shoot on the Air Craft Carrier. That is below also.

On another note, I am reading right now a fantastic book. „The Bush Dyslexicon‰ by Mark Crispin Miller. It is very well researched and gives you the bigger picture on how Bush, his Father, Nixon and others became President and have hurt the Republic in the process. A very good read. Funny at times and very disturbing in others. It is not just what he says but how others spin and move the attention away from his bubbling and lies. Here are some quotes from it:

„A reformer with results is a conservative who has had compassionate results in the state of Texas.‰ -- New York Times, Feb. 10, 2000

„There is a lot of Speculation and I guess there is going to continue to be a lot of speculation until the speculation ends.‰ -- Austin American-Statesman, Oct. 18, 1998

„If you don‚t stand for anything, you don‚t stand for anything. If you don‚t stand for something, you don‚t stand for anything.‰ -- Austin American-Statesman, Nov. 2, 2000

„I don‚t care what the polls say. I don‚t. I‚m doping what I think what‚s wrong.‰ -- New York Times, March 15th, 2000

„If you‚re sick and tired of the politics of cynicism and polls and principles, come and join this campaign.‰ -- hilton head, South Carolina, Feb. 16, 2000

(he is such an idiot. It‚s amazing.)

Also, Chomsky‚s book 9-11 is excellent of course.



I Support President Bush Because... < Home
"I support President Bush because he is a true leader. He has the confidence to stand alone, and the courage to make tough decisions. He is a leader by the quality and integrity of his actions. President Bush has the compassion to listen to others, and leads our citizens to be more compassionate to one another, there by strengthening our communities and our nation."

-- Cynthia Binns of Clifton, NJ

"I'm a college student at Moorpark College in California. I enthusiastically support the President because of his work to lower taxes for ordinary Americans and to keep this nation safe from those who want to destroy it. President George W. Bush's honesty and integrity have restored honor to the Presidency and given us a leader who can be a positive role model for young Americans."

-- Eric Eisenhammer of Agoura Hills, CA

"I support President Bush because he has proven time and again to be a man of his word. His supporters can count on his pledge and our enemies can count on our resolve. I am very proud of the commitment we are making to ensure the long-term security for our children, both in the area of homeland security as well as financially with sound, strategic healthcare and Medicare planning."

-- David Steding of Orlando, FL

"Although it is trendy among teens like myself to pursue the opposite opinion, I admire President Bush because of his abilities to lead, and to do the right thing. He repairs the economy not by introducing new regulations and increasing business costs, but instead uses fundamental economic principles and by reducing taxes. Furthermore, his unwavering stance on terror not only makes my fellow Americans and I safe, but gives a sense of security to the world as well. Bush in '04! "

-- Derek Tam of Sacramento, CA

"All good people respect "honor and integrity." That is one thing that no party, no news commentator or election can take from Mr. Bush. These personal qualities got him to this point in history and will continue to follow him into 2004."

-- Greg Spain of Greensburg, PA

"I came from a country that was run for a time much like Iraq. I voted for President Bush the first time I exercised my right and duty as a citizen of this great nation. I will vote for him again because of his principles and values, integrity and character, and love and compassion for those who are hungry for food, freedom, and truth."

-- Vincent Reyes of Randolph, MA

"I support President Bush because he recognizes that his top priority as our nation's commander in chief is to ensure national security. He has not lost the vision on battling terrorists as so many in our nation who have forgotten 9/11 have. He is making our nation safer in the future so that the brightest beacon of freedom the world has ever known will not be dimmed."

-- Randall Thomason of Murfreesboro, TN

"I joined the Republican party because of President Bush. He has shown me what compassionate conservatism is. He is doing the right thing for the American people and I support him all the way."

-- Margaret Dodge of Hicksville, NY

"I support President Bush because, as working parents of two young girls, we must not only be great role models for our kids, but we must also save for their futures. President Bush's Child Credits have allowed us to put an extra $800.00 to their college funds and he is a President who our girls can look up to and say, "someday, I want to be just like him!". Thanks for being a great leader and role model during the most difficult time in our nations history President Bush!"

-- Todd Goberville of Parkland, Florida

„As a small business owner, I support President George W. Bush because he respects the role of small businesses in our economy. He is working hard to ensure our success, by cutting taxes and reducing unreasonable government regulations that make it tough to make a living.‰

-- Ruth Mulligan of Columbus, Ohio

„I support President Bush because he has restored honor, integrity, and dignity to the presidency. In these difficult post-9/11 times, he has succeeded in bringing the country together, and in making the world a safer place for me, my children, and my grandchildren.‰

-- Howard Krizer of Boynton Beach, Florida

"My admiration for President Bush stems from his setting aside partisian politics to just get the job done of serving all Americans! It's not easy to do what's right instead of what's popular. We don't have to second guess his words, actions, or intentions. I may not agree with everything he says or does, but he has earned my respect by demonstrating high ethics and character. I am proud he is my President, and enthusiastically support his re-election in 2004!"

-- Deborah Camargo of Corona, California

"I support the President because, as a young person, I think the direction that he is taking America is the one that provides us with the most hope and optimism for the future. His pro-business stances will encourage entreprenuership, which benefits us all. His hardline stance on terrorism makes not only America, but the world, a safer place. I will support our President in the next election because I want to see America continue to move in this direction. The majority of Americans agree. "

-- Max Holmquist of Collegeville, Minnesota

„George W. Bush has proven to be a President who supports Democracy and Freedom; one whose words do not betray his actions ∑ I am grateful for the renewed hope President Bush has given our nation, helping to build our faith, and successfully leading this nation through this troubled time. His decisive leadership steadied our nation after unspeakable tragedy, his leadership reduced taxes and is helping to create jobs, his leadership brought about historic education reforms. He is the right man, at the right time and I look forward to another four years of his leadership.‰

-- Nadine Thurman of Clarence, Missouri

„You have worked very hard as our leader, and you should be very proud of the great goals that you have accomplished for our Country. America has always been a strong and compassionate nation, and we will always be a strong and compassionate nation as long as we have a President and Leader like you.‰

-- Vivian F. Chisholm of Lockhart, Texas


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