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Need you comment on his race?


How about this . . .

"To the 6 foot tall, middle aged, slightly heavy set man without any noticeable tattoos or birthmarks in the vertical red and navy collared rugby shirt I bid you a good day and I hope you stay dry."

Zack's Mom

Zack has an umbrella?

Black person with your umbrella

Your non-confrontational nature allowed your "gallery" to be burglarized in your presence. You can be all prosaic about it, but I would have gotten my shit back. If I were a black person that wanted to steal something I would definitely hit a "gallery."

They're not going to chase you, they're just going to wax poetic about the craziness of life and sigh at some profound sense of things that they use to explain to themselves why their nature just made them an easy target for crime.

How hard could it be to chase down someone with an open umbrella in the rain? I think I could catch Carl Lewis if he had to run with an open umbrella.

Hesitation, inaction, fear, half-ass justification - the burglar already supposed you had those qualities when he targeted an open "gallery." You proved he was right.


"Need you comment on his race?

Posted by: hotspringer | Sep 11, 2009 8:36:20 AM"

If he didn't, would it matter? We'd still know that he was black.


Ha. It was an umbrella. Why would I run in the rain to get back that?

Oh but it was my Pearl colored Gucci umbrella, you know the one with the silver inlay.


I wouldn't call yourself a samaritan, maybe...just aloof? ha!

Cyndi G

I mean, don't you understand that he DESERVED that umbrella? It's the least we can do for the underpriviledged in this city. If I had a real job that earned enough money to actually pay taxes, I'd want to see alot of that money taken from me to pay for his public housing, food stamps, indigent health care, and welfare. That way umbrella man could have a shelter from the rains of life.


It's a shame the way some people think they can just take from others. They think they are entitled to it. After he stole the umbrella, he probably hijacked somebody's SUV. Just because he wanted it, and therefore he deserves it.


It was important to note his race in a description. I'm so sick of over sensitive ass people who trip when someone describes someone by race. It is important and while it shouldn't matter it is something you don't ignore. BTW i'm a 6 foot heavy-set black gentleman but I wasn't in N.O. stealing umbrellas.

Lake Minnetonka

So did he drop it off on his way back or what?

If I were a criminal I'd definitely start hitting some of these places. He knew what he was doing.

Take what you want, and the ironically dressed victim will just sit there and chalk it up to some sort of karmic retribution scheme that he alone is deep enough to understand. ... but perhaps the kind fellow traveler who needed to be provided with something understands it too. How beautiful for everyone!!


How did you know I was wearing Ironic pants that day?


OMG that was you haney!?!?!

White House

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