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Obesity is disgusting. I hate watching obese people like Franken and his questioners discuss health care. If they really want improvements to their health they should eat less and run more. How can you just let yourself go like that?

Al Franken

Screw you ugh. 70% of the year its below freezing here. That isn't fat its insulation. If you lived in MN you're bean pole ass would freeze and we would still make sure you didn't die from hypothermia. BTW go tell you senators you want a public option.


"If you lived in MN you're bean pole ass would" ???? If you lived in MN you are bean pole ass would..." What? Are you a third grader?

Using insulation as an excuse for being obese is an indicator of a fat, lazy mind. I spend a lot of time in MN, and generally only switch to long sleeves when it gets below freezing. When it gets too cold, I don't eat more, I put on warming layers. They're easier to take off when the weather warms up.

You can tell me to screw off all you want, but you're (not "your") the one celebrating your fatness and asking for free health care.

As far as the public option, that may actually work up in MN where people work for a living. Enjoy it in N.O. where everyone is obese, diabetic, hypertensive, and unemployed. Have fun waiting in those lines. If you want to know how the public option would look in N.O. take a look at University hospital.

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