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I'm not sure why Conservatives become so crazed when speaking about government programs or involvement. As Michael Moore so ably pointed out, do they refuse to take advantage of our library system, the fire department, or the police department? These seem to me to be excellent examples of how we can - with funding from everyone (the government) - give the benefits to everyone.


What about those that don't understand why he isn't proposing a single payer system and eliminating the insurance industry? For example Obama's doctor of 20+ years was invited to the forum to ask a question then his invite recinded: http://www.democracynow.org/2009/7/22/president_obamas_longtime_physician_opposes_white

If the bill turns into something without a PUBLIC OPTION, (i.e. you can drop your health insurance in favor of a public plan) then I will oppose it 100%. This is the main issue we need to watch and talk about.

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