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My Solution for K-Ville

First let me share my sympathy for the writers, actors, producers, directors and staff on the show. First there was the being panned by critics (what is up with the camera work?), the average ratings and viewer-ship and the local response to your accuracy depicting our culture and city. I feel for you. I do. It can't be easy to define the city while work on a complex action drama.

And now, with the Writer's Strike you might be canceled and shooting has stopped. But don't worry I have a solution.


Now I am sure there are some rules on who writes for the large studios. Something about being in a Writers Guild, something about being accredited. We need to have an "official" card.

But surely since they are striking you can bend the rules and let some locals write the show's new scripts.  And here is why you should do it:

• The show will be accurate
• It guarantees the Gulf South watching the show religiously
• It will increase the show's social conscience and allow it to speak to something better than shaky documentary style action shots, blurred lens work, and cliche story-lines.

Just an idea. We are here to help.

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Hello, Humid Haney. Long time listener first time caller here. I'm the producer of K-Ville and I of course read your blog religiously. Will you write a test episode and email it to me prease?

Posted by: Producer Of K-Ville | Nov 13, 2007 1:27:52 PM

Sure thing. Shooting it over in a few days.

Here is the pitch . . .

Voodoo Priestess swindles Southern gentleman in land deal in swamp . . .

Posted by: humid haney | Nov 13, 2007 1:36:18 PM

HH - while i applaud your intentions - the writers are striking for very good reason:


Posted by: oludumare | Nov 14, 2007 9:15:43 PM

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